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Beginner public speaking training

When you have to give a speech, it can be a really tiresome business. Tiresome for anyone who's involved. But because you don't have public speaking experience, the frustration can be extreme. Because, it doesn't really matter if you have to give a speech at Mobile World Congress or your sales conference…it's a wholly new experience. And, of course, it's particularly ​daunting when you are a beginner at public speaking.

And that new experience can be frightening. It's really ​challenging. But, also when you know so very little about it, you can make mistakes.

However, the sense of frustration and fear won't just vanish. Because you discover that you take too long to write your speech. Indeed, you don't practise properly and you just don't feel comfortable. All in all, you know that you waste time when it comes to the important job of getting ready for your conference speech. And, of course, you aren't even in front of your conference audience yet.

Because when you want to get better at something, then typically public speaking training or personal development is best. Since it has the impact you really need. And it will boost your confidence as well.


​courses to boost your confidence

No matter the stage of your career it's never too early to invest in effective public speaking training. Because you  really can aim to boost your public speaking confidence and technical skills. So, overcome your fear of public speaking with beginner public speaking training.


Checklist For Beginner ​Training

Includes: A one day beginner public speaking training session with your own public speaking skills trainer. No more than six participants on a public speaking skills course. A business-oriented training venue in a city centre or easily accessible location.

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    Inclusive: Morning tea/ coffee, working lunch, afternoon tea/ coffee, refreshments, full overhead projection facilities, Internet access.
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    Full set of training materials and a qualified communications trainer.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch for ​public speaking skills advice.


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​give your career a boost

You can join a public speaking training course for one of our regular training courses. Or, of course, you can always ask us to arrange corporate training for your team. You can expect to save your training budget when you opt for team-based corporate training.

​Course Contents

Each beginner course includes:

​Each Training Session


  • Use ​voice tones and pitch
  • Open your speech with style
  • ​Build winning techniques for a persuasive argument
  • ​Deploy rhetorical techniques
  • And much more…

You won't need to travel far, since we host our beginner public speaking training courses at more than 40 public speaking training venues in the UK. Therefore, we've probably got just the course for you.

​The techniques and tools you provided gave me the framework and confidence to deliver my speech.




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To find out how you can build a confident public speaking technique at your nearest PresentPerfectTM training centre why not give us a call or email.


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Beginner Public Speaking Training: For Confidence

You can acquire the simple techniques used by powerful speakers every day, since we refer to case studies in your training. Here are some of the things you will learn with a PresentPerfectTM beginners public speaking training course:

  1. Learn the art of public speaking.
  2. Speak with confidence.
  3. Get your message across.
  4. Engage your audience.
  5. Use presentation media effectively.

It's quite simple. Say what you have to say and when you come to a sentence with a grammatical ending, sit down.

Winston Churchill