Every seasoned public speaker will know the score. Since a speaker should aim to rehearse their speech several times over before the critical event itself. But that's where the problems normally start. Because most speakers, busy at the best of times, suddenly find their diaries squeezed by the dual demands of work and speech practice. We believe we can help with an online public speaking skills rehearsal session.

public speaking skills rehearsal

So, does this sound familiar?

  • Are you short of valuable rehearsal time?
  • Are you struggling for a place in which to rehearse?
  • Or, are you looking for a candid appraisal of your speech?
  • Do you need some constructive help with your speech?

Public Speaking Skills Rehearsal. How You Can Rehearse Your Speech

When you've rehearsed fully you should feel your confidence flow…comfortable with your speech task ahead. Because when you rehearse your speech and practise its various stages your confidence will get a real boost.

With a third party's overview you can be assured of insight into your task.

So, book one of our public speaking skills rehearsal slots…and make your task that much easier. It's that simple.

  • Book a public speaking rehearsal slot.
  • Upload your presentation or script (if needed).
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Rehearse.

To get going simply complete the form and we'll sort the rest.


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Public speaking skills rehearsal sessions are priced at £75 for one hour duration or £100 for two hours duration. You will need telephone line access for the rehearsal session. We will provide you with a dial-in number for the rehearsal.

If you select to upload your presentation or script, then we will also supply you with a web link so that both you and your coach can work with your slides.

"Practice is nine-tenths"

Ralph Waldo Emerson