How to Give Your Year End Speech

Your year end speech is probably one of your big concerns right now. Yes, you know how to give office party speeches. You have yours nailed and that's all ready for this week's office party. But, the small matter of your end of year summary is still pressing.

Year end speech

How To Give Your Year End Speech

Typically, when you think of an end of year speech you imagine Heads of State or Government. The Queen's speech is typically Christmas themed, A Kim Jong-un New Year speech isn't filled with much bonhomie and a politician's New Year speech is often a chance for a new beginning. They hope.

What's In Your Speech?

So what is it to be with your speech this year? What will you do?

Well, your task is different. It's more personal for one. That's probably because you will have to look your audience in the eye. Both on the day of your speech and for the rest of the year!

Your speech is also more likely to be more informal. An impromptu speech, perhaps.

But, don't be fooled. Because your speech might look impromptu, but you will need to commit time and effort beforehand.

What Goes in Your Year End Speech?

The contents for your special speech could well include:

  • Major Achievements Of The Year
  • Important Relationships Or Contracts
  • New Distribution Partners
  • Expansion Into New Markets
  • New Members Of The Team And Farewells
  • Sponsorship, Charitable Giving And Work In The Community
  • Awards And Recognition

So much of this might well be labelled a SWOT analysis. Fair enough, that might well be true. But, your task is not to bore for Britain with your year end speech. You want your speech to be as uplifting and positive as possible.

It's true, there might well be metaphorical clouds on the horizon. And, of course, you are entitled to say so. But, then explain, positively, how your team and your products and services for example are more than a match for anyone. So, be uplifting with your words.

Why You Need To Give An End Of The Year Speech

Your year end speech aims to rally your team for the exciting year ahead. A new year that's obviously filled with new opportunities and challenges. So,

  • Set The Tone For The Year Ahead
  • Set The Pace For The New Year
  • Define The Mood For The Year
  • Recognise The Commitment Of One And All

A question that's often asked is, "when should I give my year end speech?"

Seriously, When Should You Give Your Speech?

Yes, seriously, it does get tricky at this time of year. You have the holidays ahead and people are already taking their annual holiday entitlement. Therefore, it's best done well before the big getaway.

And the mechanics of your year end speech? Well, everyone has a favoured way of doing it.

But a favourite of mine is a speech that's planned for early afternoon, perhaps an hour or two after lunch. And make sure that everyone knows that after the event, it's "going home time". No gradual drift back to desks or work stations.

Because it's meant to be relaxed, aim to serve some refreshments. And then you should speak for about 20 to 25 minutes maximum. Then take questions. That's a given, because you will get questions.

You can finish off with more refreshments, hot and cold food or mince pies. You get the idea. Because this is an important event. Your year end speech will help to set the tone, the pace and, of course, the overall mood for your team next year.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

You can always ask us to arrange a one to one coaching session when you need to get ready for your year end speech. Please don't hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.

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