How To Master The Public Speaking Basics

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Learn how you can master the public speaking basics…even if you have very little experience of public speaking!

Grow Your Confidence Ready For Your Next Big Speech

So many of us feel real anxiety when we're offered a slot to speak at a seminar or a conference. And, for others, we go out of our way to avoid any opportunity to give a speech in public.

Of course when we consider our own job prospects and career progression, this isn't terribly useful. Because the very fact that we aren't being seen or heard at conferences can make us unnoticed.

And that doesn't feel too great when we stop and think about others leaping up the corporate ladder. But the real problem is that we know we could do it. We really could give that speech if we had the opportunity and the know-how.

And that's the essence. We want the confidence and the skill-set to show what we can do and how we do it.

Because when you give a great speech at a conference you unflinchingly exude authority. And that's definitely a bankable asset.

Public speaking training can certainly give you the skill-set and confidence that you need.

It's a fact. We know it after so many years training people to give those very speeches at conferences around the world.

So, this online course gives you a real insight into how you too can give a great, effective speech in public.

How You Can Master The Public Speaking Basics

How You Can Master The Public Speaking Basics is an online course that gives you the public speaking tips and techniques that you need to be a successful speaker. These are the essential foundations for any speaker who wants to give seminar or conference speeches. Learn all about the five all-important building blocks for any speech. And, discover how you can use them to be successful and confident with your public speaking.

Enroll now and aim to become a better speaker today!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll On This Online Course

You can access this online course whenever you want, once you've enrolled. So, after you have enrolled you'll have full access to each of the four chapters and their lessons. You should aim to complete the course in about two hours, at which stage you'll have a mastery of the building blocks you'll need for your next speech.


Become more confident with your public speaking and watch yourself flourish when you accept other speaking opportunities.

Communication Skill

Grow your communication skills as you learn how people communicate on a group level.

Career Progression

You can't deny that so many executives with senior jobs can speak well in public. And that's a career path that's open to anyone with sound public speaking skills. So, now's your chance to grow those skills.

Job Opportunities

Employers expect so much of you nowadays. But one thing has always been important and that's solid speaking skills. Because employers want to recruit and retain good ambassadors for their organisations. So, with this course, you'll speak well at interview and beyond.

What’s In The Course?

You've got four chapters and seven lessons to work though in this online course.


Chapter 1: Change Your Habits Of A Lifetime

In this module you'll discover how your conversational habits of a lifetime can hold you back when you want to give a speech. So, the first lesson, How To Eliminate Ums and Ers From Your Public Speaking is self-explanatory. You will aim to stop the ums and ers that you use as conversational fillers. And in the second lesson, Introduce The Pause To Your Speech, you'll swap those ums and ers for meaningful pauses.


Chapter 2: Keep Your Habits Of A Lifetime

In this module you'll discover that there are two conversational traits that you want to keep. So, in the third lesson, How To Expect More With Tone And Emphasis we explain how to keep yourself natural. That's because you want to use tone and stress to help your audience to understand your meaning. And, in the fourth lesson, Use Your Words Well you'll find out how to use simple words and simple sentences. Plus you'll want to avoid jargon, abbreviations and acronyms!


Chapter 3: More Habits Of A Lifetime That You Need To Change

Typically we don't repeat ourselves in conversation. And if we do, then someone's bound to say something to us about it. However, when it comes to your public speaking, you'll have to change that habit of a lifetime. Because repetition works really well in a conference speech. But, as a speaker, it takes quite a bit of getting used to.


Chapter 4: Putting It All Together

Finally you'll discover why the five building blocks of public speaking work together. And it's because your audience has a problem. A problem of distraction. And it's your job to help them with clear, concise communication. So, you aim to do that and engage your audience, confidently and skillfully.

About The Course Creator, Andrew Ivey

Andrew is the principal trainer at Time to Market where he leads public speaking and presentation courses throughout the UK.

In addition he writes most of the blog posts for The Art of Presentation, with an eye for the unusual, the arcane and the outrageous from public speakers worldwide.

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Simply complete all the modules in this online training course and participate in all the exercises, THEN you'll notice a marked improvement in your public speaking skills and confidence…OR your money back.

Why can we be so sure? Because when we teach the Five Building Blocks on our face to face courses we see how participant confidence and skills really do grow. Yes, it's face to face instruction, and that's clearly somewhat different to this online course. But, this is the same teaching, the same training.

Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before I start this online course?

Nothing at all. Because you don't need prior experience of a speech in class, a seminar or at a conference to join this course. So, you don't need to prepare or complete any reading!

How much real experience do I need?

You can't discount good experience of public speaking. But if that prior experience leaves you feeling dreadful, that's no good. So, it's never too early for you to consider how you can build your own public speaking foundations for success. Because your subsequent experience will be that much better.

Can anyone become a great public speaker?

Yes. Because the essential toolkit items are: skills, confidence and enthusiasm.

Now you might fake sincerity or passion for a while, but you can't fake skills, confidence and enthusiasm for long. And why would you want to? Because you can always grow those public speaking skills and you'll be more confident as a result.

What skills will I learn?

In this course you will learn about the Five Building Blocks of successful public speaking...the foundations that everyone needs to give a great speech. 

Can I really boost my own confidence?

Confidence comes with skill. So when you have the skills you'll be more confident as a result.

Please note that pre-speech nerves will always be useful and they keep us on our toes. But we're not frightened of a speech, since we have the skills to deliver it.

What are the next steps?

Just complete the course, and then look out for a speaking opportunity. At work, perhaps?

Give yourself time to plan and prepare your speech to the timescale expected, research your audience, refine and rehearse your words and you'll do your best.

Build You Own Skills

Our goal is for you to give the most effective speeches possible. And our training courses aim for that goal every time we train people like you.

This online course is no different. So, it contains all the learning resources of a full morning's face to face training session. Our one regret is that we can't offer tea, biscuits and lunch. But that's a small drawback for an online training session!

We hope you enjoy this course.

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