Presentation Software Alternatives To PowerPoint Presenting

PowerPoint remains the dominant force for business presentations. But its position isn’t insurmountable. Because there are alternatives to PowerPoint. Real alternatives. So, we have reviewed some of these presentation software alternatives right here.

Presentation software alternatives

A Review Of Presentation Software Alternatives

There are also some presentation software products that will boost your PowerPoint presenting. We feature them here as well.

Presentation Software Alternatives To PowerPoint

24 Alternatives to PowerPoint and Other Presentation Tools

Alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint search made quicker and easier

A summary of 24 alternatives to PowerPoint, presentation creation tools and at least one specialist application for conference organisers.

This is certainly a hefty set of real alternatives to PowerPoint prepared by Justin at CustomShow.

Slideshare Presentations Point To Longer Presentations But Less Text

An analysis of the presentations placed on Slideshare points to longer presentations (more slides) but less text. That just has to be a good thing for everyone. So, aim to use presentation software to create compelling and engaging presentations. Read more.

Silver Lining For SlideRocket Presentation Software In The Clouds


SlideRocket acquired by ClearSlide

SlideRocket’s reputation for slick presentation software has taken a bit of a knock with their slide into ClearSlide. But no doubt something stronger will emerge…expect the paid models to prevail.

Boost For Team Presentations From SlideShark

Presentation software

Team Presentations Made Easier

The free SlideShark iPad app has been updated to include team presentations making it an effective tool for any business set on a team presentation.

Smartphones Give Boost To Smarter Presentations

Technology doesn’t have to be a one-way street for presenters. Smartphones are full of possibilities for the serious business presenter. Because it’s not just the laptop, notebook or pad computer formats that can accommodate a serious work presentation. Read more.

Splashtop Presenter Makes A Presentation Splash

PowerPoint Presentation Software

SmartDraw Reinvents PowerPoint?

A new application, supported on your iPad, gives you all the freedom of a wireless remote controller for your presentation. And you can change your slides during your slideshow. Read more.

AuthorStream Does More For PowerPoint Presenters

New software aims to give your PowerPoint presentations a boost. Better visuals, glossier pictures, sharper illustrations and quality videos. Hence it all adds up to a better PowerPoint experience. Read more.

PointDrive Presentation Software Drives PowerPoint To Your Audience

A new online web application sharpens up the tasks of sending and receiving business presentations–PowerPoint and other presentation software. However, it might not sound exactly revolutionary. But it sure takes a lot of hassle out of these simple business tasks. Read more.

Design Your Presentation Slides With Canva

When you need some even more inspiring presentation visual design tools, then Canva is also a great resource.  They have a whole range of superb layouts to suit a variety of presentation types. And, with their focus on perfect images, fonts and colours, you have to see them as a real PowerPoint alternative, and a little bit more.

Of course, you can discover plenty of presentation tips with our regular programme of tips, podcasts and videos. Because with more than 100 top tips, there’s plenty of expertise for every presentation opportunity. And, when you are ready to give your presentation skills a further boost, you can always consider some training or coaching. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.