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If you thought that technology could add nothing more to your presentations, it might be time to think again. A new application, supported on your iPad, gives you all the freedom of a wireless remote controller for your presentation, plus you can change your slides during your slideshow. That’s because you can be a Splashtop presenter!

Splashtop Presenter
Splashtop Presenter Tool For Your iPad

Splashtop Inc. has announced that it’s launched their new product, Splashtop Presenter. The new iPad app supports both Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentation software. Thus, it gives Splashtop presenters the means to control their slideshows and make annotations from a distance. Well, that’s their principal claim.

The Splashtop Presenter app sits on a user’s iPad, which in turn communicates, via wireless, with a notebook computer supporting PowerPoint or Keynote, and a slide projector. Very simple.

Endless Possibilities For The Splashtop Presenter

Presenters will have the chance to annotate their material, draw lines or arrows, highlight or mask material. So, the possibilities are endless.

Now the question of whether this will add up to a better presentation is hard to answer. Yes, the visual possibilities are certainly endless. But your application tinkering might well limit your audience’s attention.

It’s not really an alternative to PowerPoint, because it adds a wholly new dimension to your presentation toolkit.

However, I sense that this Splastop Presenter app will prove very valuable in interactive training, briefing sessions, technical workshops or design review presentations. And like most new presentation technologies, you will need to rehearse your presentation first.

It’s worth a go if you own an iPad and have either PowerPoint or Keynote. There’s more about the Splashtop Presenter at the apple online store.

You can read plenty of presentation skills tips with Time to Market, helping you get the most from your next presentation. And, of course, you are very welcome to join us on of of our regular, public presentation training courses. Or, as an alternative, you can always opt for a corporate presentation course with your entire team. At your office, or off-site. please don’t hesitate to call when you are ready.

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The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Now based in London, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

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