Grow Your Skills With Tips for Public Speaking

We’ve collated a selection of tips for public speaking from the PresentPerfectTM public speaking training courses and seminars. We run these courses throughout the UK at more than 40 public training centres. So you are never that far from one.

Each one of these tips for public speaking aims to give you the skills and confidence you need to be an effective public speaker.

As an alternative, you can discover more public speaking skills tips and advice on a training day. For example, we can organise a corporate public speaking skills course for all your team. Or, we can offer you a one to one coaching course, either a full day or a half-day skills refresher. So, when the time is right please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How To Know Your Audience

How To Know Your Audience Before A Speech

So, you have accepted the offer to give a conference speech. Well done. Now it’s time for you to crack on with the serious work and get to know your audience before your speech. All of your research work at this early stage will be vital for your finished speech.

How To Give An Acceptance Speech

How To Give An Acceptance Speech

It’s most definitely the Awards season in the music, film and entertainment business. So we can expect some tearful and befuddled acceptance speeches among the real gems. But there’s every chance that you will need to give an acceptance speech at some time. So we’ve prepared some tips for how to give an acceptance speech. It’s an important speech so you should be prepared for it.

Year end speech

How To Give Your Year End Speech

At this time of year, you’ve probably sorted your office party speech. But there is the small matter of how to give your year end speech. It’s definitely an important speech since it helps you and your management team to set the mood for next year.

Tips For Public Speaking From The Telling it Straight Newsletter

Telling it Straight is a monthly newsletter that provides top tips and public speaking skills advice. With useful pointers for better speeches, this is a must read for serious public speakers wanting skills help.

You too can receive the public speaking tips newsletter. So, just fill in your email address details to receive regular public speaking skills tips.

Tips For Public Speaking | Take Control

manage interruptions in speech

How You Can Manage Interruptions In Your Speech

You should aim to learn how you can manage interruptions as you give a speech. No matter that these are heckles, questions from your audience or other interruptions, there are techniques that you can usefully use. So, these tips for public speaking show you how.

Prepare for your q and a session

How You Can Prepare For Questions And Answers After Your Speech

There’s always some anxiety about answering questions after your speech. Typically that anxiety is misplaced. These tips should help you get ready for a question and answer session.

Giving your conference speech

How To Give Your Conference Speech

So, it’s the day of your conference speech. You are practised and rehearsed. But there are still one or two things to check over. These tips should help you giving your conference speech.

Tips To Help You Get Ready

Tips for public speaking

How To Get Ready For Your Conference Speech

How should you get ready for a conference speech? This public speaking tip gives you five pointers so that you can be ready for your next conference speech.

Title your speech

How To Use Speech Titles That Attract An Audience

Can your speech’s title attract an audience? It’s a YES. Your speech title can attract an audience if it suggests value, significance and benefit for your audience. So, here are some pointers for you to make the most of your speech title.

Why use pauses

Tips For Public Speaking | Why Use Pauses In Your Speech

When it comes to being an effective public speaker so much of your success will come down to your delivery. 

So in this public speaking tip we look at the reasons why it’s best to use pauses in your speech.

Effective Tips For Public Speaking

Leadership speech

How To Give Your Leadership Speech

With the office party speech just a distant memory, now is the time finally for your New Year leadership speech in the office, the conference room or the boardroom. So, here are a few public speaking tips to prepare you for your big leadership speech.

Tips for public speaking

How To Give Impromptu Speeches

3 top public speaking tips from the Time to Market course showing you how to give an impromptu speech. Because there really is a lot more to giving an impromptu, off-the-cuff speech than perhaps you realised.

Public speaking practice

Why Public Speaking Practice Is Essential Before Every Speech

A commitment to public speaking practice is essential when you want to become an accomplished speaker. Because practice makes perfect when it comes to giving a speech that meets all your needs, every time.

simple and effective.

It's Time For New Skills.

Develop your public speaking skills with your own training course, a one to one coaching session, corporate training or a skills refresher. As a result, aim to become more confident as you give your next speech.

Achieve More With Your Speeches

Engage your conference speech audience

How To Engage Your Conference Speech Audience

As a conference speaker you really want to engage with your audience. In fact it has to be one of your key goals. So, with these five pointers we look at some ways that you can engage your conference speech audience.

Conference speech questions

How To Take Conference Speech Questions

As you finish your first conference speech you might think that you are nearly there. Time to celebrate. Not quite yet. Because now is the perfect time to take conference speech questions.

What to wear when you give a speech

What To Wear When You Give A Speech

When you know what to wear when you give a speech suggests that you really do know your audience. Here we've got four top tips to help with your next speech.

Of course you can also find out more public speaking skills tips on a PresentPerfectTM public speaking training course. And because you can train at more than 40 off-site training centres, you are never that far away. So, when the time is right, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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