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By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Feb 02

Web-enabled applications are everywhere right now. Many of us will remember “software as a service” and that’s just about what you get with many of the new “cloud-enabled” presentation services. We spotted this week that the free SlideShark iPad app has been updated to accommodate team presentations.

Team presentations

Presentations Made Easier With SlideShark

That seems like an eminently sensible approach. Most sales, marketing or account management teams have shared presentations that typically sit on an internal drive. Having the same presentations sitting in a “cloud-based” server appears to be the best of both worlds: access and security.

Team members can show their SlideShark PowerPoint presentations from the server. They can make changes and also upload their changed presentations.

Easier Management Of Group Presentations

Brainshark Inc., who built the original SlideShark presentation app, has released indicative user prices for the team presentation application. The price per user takes in a lot more than just hosting PowerPoint presentations. It also includes security, central management of presentations and usage reporting.

Usage reporting could prove a very valuable feature. Not least, because it can indicate the most popular presentation content, the slides that received the most exposure and presentation duration. Very useful for a manager who wants to maximise the potential of their presentations. Would it work for the MH17 team presentation? Security would be the issue here, I suspect.

Group presentations might just get a bit easier.

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