Thumbs Up For Genius Presentation Ring Controller

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jan 10

It has to be a seasonal thing. Everyone seems to be promoting presentation aids, technology and software just now. More prosaically it’s likely to be the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas that’s driving the activity. This time we have spotted a PowerPoint presentation aid in the headlines. The team at Genius has developed the world’s first ring style thumb controller for use by presenters. It’s the Genius Presentation Ring.

Genius presentation

Genius Presentation Ring Controller For PowerPoint

The Genius Presentation ring fits securely on your thumb and allows you to control the progression of your PowerPoint slides. With its mouse and cursor functions you can start the slide show and move forward or backward in your presentation. You can run your Genius Presentation ring with Bluetooth and with your PC and Mac.

There’s an in-built laser pointer in the Ring Presenter that’s good for a distance of 10 metres or so.

And, of course, the whole unit is small and discreet and is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Its credentials are boosted by coming in seven different colours: Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, Green, Black and Silver.

Thumbs Up For The Genius Presentation Controller

Now the good people at Genius don’t mention the possibility that the bling on your finger might distract your audience. It’s possible. But many audiences are now very used to seeing presenters with remote controllers or a wireless presenter.

However, I’m not that keen on the laser pointer. Never have been. But if it’s verified safe, that will help.

And the cost? It’ll set you back about $60 right now. There’s no hint of international sales yet, but that’s probably just a matter of time.

It’s thumbs up for this presentation controller.

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