Easier Presentations With PDF Document Conversion

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Mar 09

Many presenters have problems getting hold of content for their next PowerPoint presentation. Sourcing other PowerPoint slides, notes, images and diagrams can be frustrating. And that’s especially true if you don’t want to start from scratch with your slides. But it should be simpler, because we all want easier presentations.

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Easier Presentations With PDF Converter

One particular problem is the PDF document which doesn’t integrate easily into presentation software.

And with increasing numbers of business documents taking the PDF format the problem is getting bigger. And, therefore, easier presentations aren’t happening.

Now the team at Very PDF has come up with a solution that converts PDF documents to PowerPoint slides. And it’s simple.

Their PDF to PowerPoint Converter gives presenters an easy 4-step process to convert the contents of a PDF file to a PowerPoint format. The simplicity will appeal to many who have tired of other more complex ways to break down a PDF document.

Easier Presentations Come With A Warning

But, there’s a word or two of warning though.

Remember to check the size of any images you extract from a PDF file. An image that suits an A4 sized page layout won’t suit a conference room PowerPoint projection.

And be wary of taking too much text from a PDF document. When it comes to text on a PowerPoint slide, less is definitely more. PowerPoint text overload doesn’t make for easier presentations.

The PDF to PowerPoint Converter seems an ideal tool for extracting images, diagrams and pictures. So, it will certainly help you save time as you prepare your next PowerPoint presentation.

You can always follow these presentation tips for easier presentations. But, you can also join us for one of our regular presentation training courses. And, because we hold these training courses at more than 40 training centres in the UK, you are never that far away. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you are ready to give your skills a boost.

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