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When you know that someone at Cisco has the job title of Chief Futurist do you think, “Really, whatever next?” Or do you wonder how many futurists report into the Chief Futurist? It’s all a matter of perspective. And that’s the essence of the slideshare futurist presentation posted by Dave Evans, the Chief Futurist at Cisco. Because it’s all a matter of perspective.

Futurist presentation
Futurist Presentation Predicts The Internet Of Things

This futurist presentation is clear on the state of the internet of things as it exists today. It’s pretty big already. But his presentation then proceeds to predict the size and scale of the internet of things in the future. Just enormous.

Futurist Presentation Looks Ahead

The presentation reinforces the suspicion that everything will, at some point, be inter-connected. I suspect that wireless bandwidth will provide some limitation on capability, though spread spectrum technology could mitigate the scarcity.

His presentation isn’t by any means unique. I’m pretty sure I saw a Nokia presentation on the same subject two years ago. I guess that a futurist has to take account of earlier material when they plan their forecast presentations. Everyone else does…even if they don’t have such grand job titles.

The Future of Things

Structurally the presentation has two facets. That’s the state of the internet today. And, then its vision for the future. That’s a fairly standard presentation structure for a business presentation. So Cisco doesn’t disappoint here.

Yes, his presentation could perhaps have tackled the growth of the internet of things up to 2013. Because that would have ensured the flow of past, present and future. But would that have worked in a Chief Futurist’s presentation? Probably not.

Predicting the future might prove tricky for most of us. But, at the very least, you can prepare for it. So, prepare your presentation skills with a presentation skills training course offered by Time to Market. You can always call us for more details.

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  • Would you not also say that many people just sholudn’t use powerpoint at all! Or that for many people or for many presentations they’d be far better without any powerpoint at all unless they’re going to use it effectively (i.e. not just text that gets read out). It does take a lot of time putting a powerpoint together, when you’d often rather be working out what you’re actually going to say that wrestling with google images or working out how to embed a video.

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