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There really is plenty to talk about with the TalkTalk preliminary results presentation given today. Because it really is a huge presentation with enough to last you quite a while if you choose to read it all. However, we don't recommend that.

Preliminary results presentation

TalkTalk Preliminary Results Presentation Proves Effective

Yet, despite the sheer size of this preliminary results presentation we are positive about it. Because it does look good. Since there's plenty of evidence that the TalkTalk shareholder relations team has thought this one through.

Now it's also true that there's still a lot of information in the TalkTalk presentation. And, that's probably to be expected, given the nature of a preliminary results meeting. So, yes the presentation team use plenty of bullet points. But they use them with stye and panache. We see this with their first sighting on slide 3. Here we have a bullet list with white text out of a red background and some arrow icons. Ok, that's different.

Colour Coding Helps This Results Presentation

And, of course it really is different because of the colour coding. Since at the start of the presentation, Tristia Harrison, the TalkTalk CEO, introduces the five main areas to her results presentation.

  • FY19 Overview
  • Financial Review
  • Our Plan
  • Outlook
  • Q & A

So each of the five key areas has its own colour: red, blue, green, purple and orange. And as we progress throughout the presentation we notice the colour scheme track across. It's very simple. But, it does work.

Top Tips For Your Presentation Design

Aiming for effective communication with your financial results or preliminary results presentation doesn't have to be hard. Because sound presentation design principles will always guide you through. So, if you have resident experts, then use them. Or, failing that, you can always consider these five thoughts.

  • Keep it simple
  • Use powerful colours
  • Minimise the text
  • Choose good typeface and font size
  • Illustrate with big images

Section Breaks Feature Strong Imagery

The TalkTalk preliminary results slides are also notable for their section breaks. Thus, for example, as we finish the red section (FY19 Overview) and before we start with the blue section (Financials) we are presented with a very stylish section break slide with some powerful images. These certainly help to create the all-important breaks that you need with such a presentation.

There's also some considerable design in these slides. Blocks of white text spring out of sharp, vibrant colours. And these colour masses are odd, curved shapes that draw your attention. The design team has evidently done a lot of work with this particular template.

The Powerpoint jigsaw image was always a stalwart of office slide design, probably since Windows 95. And it's still here. Well, we think it is. Since this preliminary results presentation uses two jigsaw images. One at the beginning on slide 1 and another on slide 20. However, we have to say that these jigsaw images ooze class and distinction. Good design, again.

Effective Communication With This Preliminary Results Presentation

This is an extremely effective financial results presentation that shows just what you can do with your presentation design choices. Of course it's always going to be tricky to balance the information you have available with the need to communicate effectively. But this TalkTalk presentation is definitely on the right track, even if there's still a lot to read!

You can always discover plenty of presentation skills tips and tips for public speakers with our regular series of posts, podcasts and videos. And, with more than 100 top tips from which to use, there really is something for every occasion. Plus, when you are ready to take your own presentation skills that bit further, then why not consider some training? Because a well-timed training session does wonders before any conference. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.


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