Trainee Doctors Practise Presentation Skills

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Apr 11

You might not want to know that hard-pressed medical students now have access to an app that aims to boost their presentation skills. That’s right, the idea that the sum knowledge of doctor training can be distilled down to a mobile app is alarming. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Because the app in point aims to boost trainee doctors presentation skills. Thus it gets them to focus on a patient case study and present their ideas about it. Neat, indeed.

Trainee doctors presentation skills

Trainee Doctors Presentation Skills Given A Boost With New App

The app, MyMedicalTutor, allows the medical students to beef up their knowledge about a series of illnesses and then present back to themselves…recording them as they do so.

Clearly the app takes full advantage of mobile phone recording and playback functionality. But that seems to be the only dependency.

Trainee Doctors Presentation Skills App Ratings

The team at has reviewed the app that retails on the apple store at $4.99. Their verdict? It’s not bad as a presentation skills review tool for student doctors. But its value remains limited as a medical learning and education tool.

Whether you’d really want to be in the audience for one of these presentations is another matter. But we gather that examiners are probably the target audience for the medical presenters. That’s some relief for audiences everywhere.

Of course, you can also boost your doctors presentation skills with training and coaching. Whether you are a junior doctor or a trainee. Or perhaps your medical skills now mean that you are in demand on the conference speaking circuit…like this HIV PowerPoint presentation in Australia. So much the better. In all these cases you can refine and boost your skills and techniques. You can join us for a scheduled training course or a one to one coaching session. It’s your choice. And, we can train you at your work premises or one of our off-site training centres. Again, it’s your choice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss.

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