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Your typical financial presentation might not fill you with great enthusiasm. Yet for anyone making critical investment decisions for pension funds, it has to be part of the package. And that package now includes a corporate PowerPoint presentation, all the figures, a webinar and a question and answer session. So this Alliance Pharma presentation, with its organisation by BRR Media, ticks all the right boxes for investor relations.

Alliance pharma presentation

Alliance Pharma Presentation Proves The Right Medicine

This presentation from Peter Butterfield and Andrew Franklin was confident and well-delivered. I'd perhaps suggest a slower style, but they had a lot to say! I might also get to work on the recurring word of the presentation.


Because we really did hear it quite a lot. A sounder pausing strategy with extra word emphasis always works.

We heard plenty of corporate jargon (including, "moving forward"), yet we assume that the city audience is used to this! And, to be fair it didn't really detract.

Features To This Alliance Pharma Presentation

At first sight we discovered plenty of good features with the Alliance Pharma presentation. The branding is clear and consistent across the entire PowerPoint slide deck, and that's neat. Plus, the corporate template is also low-key. So often these templates can include yards of real estate at the header, the footer and sometimes even the margins. But, in contrast, the Alliance Pharma presentation comprises a small header, footer and a useful right margin. Classical.

The chapter slides, slide 4 by way of example, also have considerable design merit. Fortunately we see these quite a bit nowadays. They do work and we certainly appreciate them.

Get Your Message Across

When you want to get your message across in a presentation, even a financial results presentation, it doesn't have to be a chore. So stick to the basics and you can't go wrong.

  • Design Your PowerPoint Slides
  • Use A Large Font And Keep It All Visible
  • Don't Have Too Many Bullet Points
  • Speak With A Measured Pace
  • Pause For Effect With Intonation

However, there really is too much information on the slides. Slide 5, for example, essentially says "we're huge and we're everywhere". And it takes plenty of words, pictures, maps and diagrams to say it.

In total contrast, there's quite a bit on slide 6, yet it's earnestly dull. Yes, any slide that contains both vision and purpose co-existent with an odd little picture of the corporate brand is dull. Fortunately, it's only the one slide.

There's Information In These Slides

Beyond this, there really is too much information on the slides. Look at slide 7. There are bullets, sub-bullets, headings, a stacked bar chart and a stylish line graph all fighting for space. Is that a problem? Well, as a document that your audience gets to read later, it's no problem. But in a presentation your audience has an attention conflict between your material on the screen and you. And only one will win. It should be you.

The appendices caught our eye. Not least because this is where a summary of the management team should be. But also because of the deliberate tie-less pose of the gentlemen involved. Marvelous. All in all, a good show with this Alliance Pharma presentation.

You can discover plenty of presentation tips with our regular series of tips, podcasts and videos. And with more than 100 top tips from which to choose, there's something here for every presentation opportunity. Plus, when you are ready to give your own presentation skills some medicine, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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