In this set of presentation skills podcast sessions we highlight some of the presentation training tips that we feature in the PresentPerfectTM training courses. You can listen to all these podcasts in the media player on the page. Or, alternatively, you can click on the links and open the corresponding text transcript for the skills podcast.

Presentation skills podcast

Presentation Skills Tips From Time to Market

We record these presentation skills podcast sessions on a monthly basis. All the skills tips are drawn from our training courses and coaching sessions that we hold throughout the UK. You can join us on one of our regular series of presentation courses. Or, perhaps you can organise your own one-to-one coaching session to refine your presentation skills. Whatever your choice, we hope to speak soon.


podcast series

Your Mission

Your Objectives

Presentation Theme

Presentation Rehearsal

Presentation Editing

Presentation Organising

Presentation Questions

Presentation Attire

Presentation Breathing

Presentation Confidence

Engaging Presentations

Presentation Voice

Presentation Pausing

Presentation Pace

Presentation Eye Contact

Presentation Rhetoric

Presentation Timing

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