Arresting Presentation Ends in Charges and Bail for Audience

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Aug 24
Roodhouse, Illinois

Mayor Joe Snyder's Town Hall presentation ends in woman's arrest

Beleaguered Mayor, Joe Snyder, had the perfect answer for a questioning member of his presentation audience. He had her arrested.

The Mayor of Roodhouse, Illinois was presenting with colleagues in the City Hall. At every juncture, his audience protagonist and local resident, Terry Garner, insisted on asking a question. The offence?

Apparently the Mayor had requested that questions be asked at the end of the presentation. When audience member Terry Garner persisted in asking questions during the presentation the Mayor had her arrested in the meeting room.

She was subsequently charged and required to post a bail of $100–now that’s some severe penalty for asking questions in a presentation.

Perhaps the Mayor and his colleagues might want to re-examine how they engage their audience with questions and answers without actually arresting them during their presentation.

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