New Queen of Twitter’s Lady Gaga Speech

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Aug 22

No sooner had Lady Gaga been crowned the new Queen of Twitter than her most loyal fans were rewarded with an acceptance speech in honour of the occasion.

She’s just displaced pop princess Britney Spears as the Twitterer with the most followers–5,670,779 followers and growing by the minute. Her ascendancy to the Crown has been far faster than that of Britney whose Twitter followers were amassed over many years.

Her speech, filmed in her dressing room, isn’t a work of presentation art. But, it’s pure Lady Gaga (and of course, the Twitter Bluebird). And that’s what her Twitter followers demand! The Queen of Twitter knows her audience.

Yes, Please

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  • Shakia Darm says:

    OMG whats up with her hair in her new video!! It looks cool LOL

  • Great info buddy, thanks for useful post. I am waiting for more

  • This post is great.

  • I know a lot of people criticize Lady GaGa, I think you’ve got to give her credit. She’s doing a fantastic job of staying in the lime light.

  • Girder Grrl says:

    wow britney is so cool britney rocks!@

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