Christian Dior Presentation Upsets China

Posted in   Presentations   on  October 30, 2019  

It's not unusual for us to look at a new business presentation. Although, with the exception of this Franca Sozzani speech, we don't see much fashion industry work. Also, typically we get the chance to look it over, comment on its style and review its detail. But with this new Christian Dior presentation we can't. Because there's no sign of it at all. And that's probably a good thing for the company's business in China. 

Christian dior presentation

Christian Dior Presentation Omits Island And Upsets China

That's because Christian Dior managed to get itself into a whole heap of China trouble last week with a  simple PowerPoint presentation. Really? Oh, yes, a video of a very simple business PowerPoint presentation was widely condemned and vilified on China's social media sites. And it was all because of a map of China that failed to show the Island of Taiwan as China.

Taiwan Is Excluded By Christian Dior Presentation

Of course Taiwan has been self-governing for more than 60 years. However, China has always stated that the island is integrally part of China. And that policy extends throughout China, international diplomacy and the United Nations.

So the good folk at Christian Dior really should know better. You just don't upset your hosts in China. Unfortunately, I suspect that the "crime" has a very simple explanation. Someone needed a map of China, they googled their requirement and they downloaded a map from a Western site. Simple. And, of course, no-one checked their work before the employee then used the presentation at a University. No checking. No proof reading.

Proof Read Your Presentation

Aim to resolve your own presentation design choices. But don't forget to proof read your presentation.

  • Read your presentation thoroughly
  • Project your presentation onto the big screen and review each and every image, chart and point
  • Ask a colleague to review everything

A simple explanation. But, of course that's not good enough in the court of public opinion in China. So Christian Dior released a fulsome apology for their error. There's no indication of the penalty for the ignominious presenter. But we hope it's not career limiting.

Not least because these things do happen. For example, a Mercedes-Benz presentation at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas also caused a stir. In fact the presentation really riled the population of Cuban emigrés in the USA because of their use of Che Guevara imagery. As simple as that, but a big deal for Cuban emigrés.

Mercedes-Benz presentation

Wheels Come Off The Mercedes-Benz Presentation In Las Vegas

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