DJ Koh Presentation Launches Samsung S9

Mobile World Congress 2018

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Mar 06

A dramatic DJ Koh presentation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona helped launch the Samsung S9 and Samsung S9 Plus handsets.

DJ Koh Presentation

Samsung's DJ Koh Presentation At Mobile World Congress, 2018

Mr Koh, the Head of the IT and Mobile Communications Division at Samsung, has had a tough time over the last two years. Just think batteries. So, you might well suspect that the job won't extend to presentation glamour.

But, while this DJ Koh presentation suggests that the Samsung executive isn't yet an Apple Steve Jobs equivalent, let's be realistic. As an English as a second language presenter, Mr Koh exudes authority as a presenter. Therefore, no issues here.

A Dramatic Start For The DJ Koh Presentation

Yes, his presentation start was dramatic. Now, that's not something we all have access to as business presenters. But a senior Samsung executive can clearly get that done with some ease. And it was a very polished multimedia show at the start.

His delivery was slow and deliberate. Yet he also managed to add emphasis and tone with his words. Because there's a clear passion here with the words he uses.

Every facet of connected life.


The intelligence of things.

His presenting position on the main stage suggests that he's reading from an autocue. But if that's the case he's clearly practised with autocue. Because, even for the familiar, autocue practice is essential. As a bonus, his stage managers also managed to hide the autocue devices with some clever lighting. Faultless. Not least because stage management always counts for a lot. Just take a look at the Jeremy Corbyn speech in Liverpool for an example.

Fanfare At The Finish

He finished his presentation with the necessary fanfare for the Samsung S9 and the Samsung S9 Plus in the form of a highly engaging video.

But then, bizarrely, he came back on the stage carrying the phones themselves. And, of course, they were barely visible to his audience.

Okay, thank you. Thank you very much

This was a weak ending. So, perhaps he should have just left the stage with the video fanfare. A following speaker could then have arrived on the stage to manage the detail of the lanch. But, over all, an excellent DJ Koh presentation.

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