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Normality is a rare thing right now. That's certainly the feeling with this story. It's the tale of a finance presentation given by Christian Noyer. Considered financial elite within Paris, Mr Noyer is the former Governor of the Bank of France. Unfortunately for him, his charm hasn't worked with this presentation.

Finance Presentation

Finance Presentation Fails Charm Offensive

It seems that Mr Noyer was on a mission to the City of London this week. And it appears to have been a purposeful mission. So purposeful in fact that there's precious little evidence of it taking place. Beyond hearsay and good honest reporting, of course.

Those same reports suggest the presentation wasn't a success.

Finance Presentation by Christian Noyer

Christian Noyer

Mr Noyer's finance presentation apparently failed to convince City mandarins that a relocation to Paris was a good idea. Yes, that was the mission. Real cloak and dagger stuff.

So Mr Noyer wanted City firms to relocate their offices to Paris to avoid any lingering post-Brexit uncertainties. Therefore his presentation aimed to pitch Paris as a low tax, business-friendly refuge from the horrors of a Britain beyond the EU.

Without seeing the presentation itself, we can't really make too many assumptions! Since it seems that the City mandarins had their own view of Mr Noyer's finance presentation and Paris as a venue for international finance.

In summary these views were:

Finance Presentation Summary: Paris Re-Location


  • The Language
  • Holidays
  • Food and Wine
  • Entertainment


  • The Language
  • Anti-business
  • High tax
  • Onerous labour laws

Quel dommage. Yes, it does appear that no-one really believed his story about a business-friendly Paris. Now, personally I'd imagine a move to Paris would be great fun, indeed. Because that's probably the real issue here.

Paris Is Fun

London Is Work

Or at least that might just be the perception of Paris as a business hub. So, too much fun. Not enough hard work. However, we just don't know!

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