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It has to be more than 18 months since we reported on the launch of the Focusky PowerPoint alternative. The China-based presentation application appears to be going from strength to strength, which has to be encouraging.

Focusky PowerPoint Alternative

Focusky PowerPoint Alternative

Their latest promotional drive includes a new YouTube channel. They've populated it with a complete series of training and educational videos. The plan? Encourage users of the Focusky Presentation Maker platform to get the most from their presentation experience. A very noble objective!

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The Focusky videos contain lessons and tips aimed at beginners and more experienced users. The pace of the tuition seems about right and the image quality is also good. I might become tired with their background music after a while…but at least there's no distracting or obscure voice-over. Because that has to be a relief after watching many other explanation videos.

You can review all the Focusky PowerPoint alternative videos on the YouTube channel.

Manage Your Media With The Focusky PowerPoint Alternative

You can manage your Focusky PowerPoint alternative multimedia choices with images, .swf video and online videos such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can also choose to use audio files and the zooming feature. That’s always popular. But note that you can over-use it in a presentation. We've noted before how you need to take care with this feature. When you over-use it, you can distract your audience.

Corporate Applications With Focusky

Focusky is no slouch when it comes to possible corporate software applications. That's because Focusky Presentation Maker provides essential multiple language support for worldwide offices. Your choice of fonts and languages include Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Arabic (RTL), German and Latin! We've wondered before about that last choice, but there it is.

"Create amazing animated business presentations"

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When you subscribe to the Focusky channel, you also seem to get the added bonus of being kept informed about new features and attributes of the software. And, in addition, we are told you will receive special offers. Very tidy. We hope it works out.

When you want to boost your presentation skills to match them with the Focusky PowerPoint alternative, then why not join a presentation skills course. We organise courses up and down the country, for beginners, for advanced level presenters and for corporate teams. Please call us for more details.


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