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Do you ever feel that you can't cope with PowerPoint as your preferred presentation design tool. If you do, then you are in good company. So, this week we take a look at the Slidebean PowerPoint alternative.

Yes, it's true that Microsoft's PowerPoint remains the main force for people around the world to create their presentations. But there's change afoot.

Slidebean PowerPoint Alternative

Slidebean powerpoint alternative

Slidbean PowerPoint alternative

We've taken a look in the past at the popular PowerPoint alternatives, the rare PowerPoint alternatives and those that, just…don't stand a chance of replacing PowerPoint.

In that mix we should certainly include Slidebean. Since it's a provider of some very simple yet sophisticated presentation functionality.

Slidebean is definitely the new kid on the block. But the range and sophistication of their product offering suggests they've been in the market for ever.

Because it's software as a service rather than a software download. So you should expect monthly or annual fees as standard. First, they have a range of price packages that just about cover most user scenarios. The big thing is here, you need to use the product to get your money's worth. Slacken off with the presentations and you'll keep paying!

We can't quibble, however, with the breadth and depth of the service suite available. We certainly believe that the mission for this platform is to facilitate good presentation design, development and delivery.

Slidebean Templates Fit The Brief

Enjoy your presentations again with templates and pre-filled decks. Plus, you can look forward to an ingenious editor that uses elements. The platform resolves all the issues involved in arranging, aligning and displaying your content elements:

  • Backgrounds
  • Headings
  • Videos
  • Line charts and many other elements

Do you want to use images within Slidebean? Because it is also impressive. Since it has full integration with creative commons imagery such as that of flickr.

One of my favourites is the tool that allows you to paste csv spreadsheet data into your presentation and it's then organised into a chart. Because that's seriously good. Surely everyone's had an issue with PowerPoint graphs over the years? I have.

So this Slidebean PowerPoint alternative is already setting the presentation agenda. Good stuff. You can read more about the relative strengths and weaknesses of all the PowerPoint alternatives here. The useful summary, prepared by Isabella Sevilla at Slidebean, also reviews all the various formats for Slidebean. It's a good summary.

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The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Based in Oxford, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

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