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To say that we were bowled over with this Hollywood Bowl Group presentation would be wrong. But we certainly liked it. And we can see why Stephen Burns (CEO) and Laurence Keen (CFO) would have no problem with its content. Because it's a tidy piece of financial presentation for their audience of investors and analysts.

Hollywood Bowl Group Presentation

Hollywood Bowl Group Presentation Won't Bowl You Over

Now the old Charrington Bowl at Tolworth was always a firm favourite years ago. Indeed the landmark is still there today with its new Hollywood Bowl branding. So it's good to see this business growing around the country.

Their Hollywood Bowl Group presentation today isn't a masterclass of sophisticated design. That's not contentious. But, they do more than make an effort. So, their corporate colours are immediately obvious. In your face, in fact. Similarly, their use of visuals is neat. Yet, we'd like to see more in this full year results presentation.

Hollywood Bowl Group Presentation Skittles  Along

And we'd certainly like to see fewer of the PowerPoint templates where an image shares half a slide and text faces across on the other side (slides 17, 20 and 23 for example). Horrid.

The financial highlights slide (slide5) makes very clever use of pink "bowling balls" to display the key financial figures. And then we also spotted the pink bullet points throughout the Hollywood Bowl Group presentation. Clever, albeit we aren't fans of bullet point presentations.

Were the blank slides, that separate all the detail slides, a deliberate ploy in this Hollywood Bowl presentation? We ask, because the white slide technique is always something that works in a presentation.

The text in this presentation is certainly too small for a presentation audience. So often we see these financial presentations used as alternative financial reports. However the Group has a separate 2019 financial report for the Group.

There is particularly small text on slides 41 and 45. But over all there's small text throughout the Hollywood presentation. However, this is no death by PowerPoint presentation.

Over all this certainly proved an engaging Hollywood Bowl Group presentation that's certainly in the right lane for presentation success.

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