Housing Presentation Has Audience on Their Feet

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Mar 25
Presentation by Steve Laposa

Steve Laposa’s presentation in Loveland, Colorado

When the introduction to a presentation requires several members of the audience to reluctantly get to their feet then you know that you have a dramatic introduction.

That’s just the start that Steve Laposa of the Everitt Real Estate Center at Colorado State University was looking for. His presentation at the Embassy Suites in Loveland took the subject of the housing market in Colorado.

At the start of his presentation he asked all the mortgage lenders to stand up. They did so…reluctantly. And he was then able to make his point.

That point? Mortgage lenders in Colorado show less optimism about the future of the Colorado housing market than do realtors and housebuilders. Quite a difference apparently.

His presentation, Housing Colorado’s Future, revealed the amalgamated results of three separate surveys into the housing market. In essence, the outlook for the future is mixed.

His presentation, timed at two hours, included a mass of statistics, figures and opinions that he managed to perfection…not least with the help of a colleague. It’s some task to hold an audience’s attention for two hours–involving a colleague to dissect the data was a good move.

This proved to be an informative presentation for this audience of housing industry professionals. But they might have have wanted to hear more good news about their market sector. Next time, perhaps.


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