You Have Only 90 Seconds to Make Your Presentation Introduction

The introduction to your presentation really does matter. Typically you have some 90 seconds to make an impact with your audience. Yes, make an impact before you really start your PowerPoint presentation! So you have the chance to make the right impact, here are some top tips for your presentation introduction.

Your presentation introduction

Your Presentation Introduction Really Does Matter

How To Introduce Your Presentation

Here we’ve detailed five tips for you when you plan your next presentation.

Tip 1

Grace period. As you introduce your presentation you have a grace period when all your audience is with you. Therefore, make the most of it. Make sure that you work hard to say the right things at the beginning. This David Cameron AV speech did just that.

Tip 2

Things in common. You’ve done your audience research. So use your presentation introduction to map out some of the common things that bind your audience together. Also, note how you can, in turn, bind them to you and your subject. Do this from the start. Apart from its weak title, this Michael Gove speech in Brighton achieved all these things.

Tip 3

Tone. Your presentation introduction will set the tone for all that follows. If you want a serious presentation, then aim to introduce your presentation with gravitas and seriousness. So make sure that you are taken seriously.

Tip 4

Qualities. You can use your introduction to highlight your qualities to speak today. You don’t want to be egotistical, however. Then again, an even better plan will involve a third party introducing you. Because you can then focus on the first part of your presentation.

Tip 5

Build interest. Do you aim to present for some 20 minutes or longer? If you do, then your presentation introduction has to map out some questions, peculiarities, phenomena or stories that will sustain your audience for the time span. This therefore should keep their interest. A Hilary Mantel speech introduction of five minutes still managed to build interest for the rest of her talk.

Your Presentation Introduction

The introduction to your presentation really does matter so here are some pointers to help you with the start of your next presentation.

  • You have an initial grace period, so use it well.
  • Map out some common things with your audience.
  • Set the tone with your introduction.
  • Use your introduction to lay out common qualities.
  • Build interest for what’s going to follow.

You can always work on your presentation introductions at your nearest PresentPerfectTM training centre where you can join one of our public courses. Or, definitely a value for money option, we can arrange a corporate training session for all your team. So, when the time is right, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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