Dancing on Ice Presentation Battle for Winter Olympics 2018

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

May 17
Yu-Na Kim and Katarina Witt presentation

Yu-Na Kim and Katarina Witt battle it out for 2018 Winter Olympic Supremacy

Teams vying to host the 2018 Winter Olympics have arrived in Lausanne for the next round of their presentations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Their presentations will be of a technical nature and will be held in private without the world’s watching media. Each presentation is designed to take 45 minutes with an extra 45 minutes for questions. Timing will be everything in a 90 minute presentation slot.

Olympic Presentations

There’s a lot at stake. Not least the fact that by the time the teams get to their final presentations in Durban on 6th July, most of the Olympic committee members will probably have reached a decision. Yes, the final presentations are public, but they are glossy presentations–not decision making presentations.

But even though the presentations tomorrow in Lausanne are private there’s an intriguing angle with two of the team leaders. Germany’s bid is fronted by former Olympic ice dance champion, Katarina Witt (Olympic champion in 1984 and 1988). And South Korea’s presentation will be led by Yu-Na Kim, the Olympic champion in 2010.

In marked contrast the French presentation will be led by the banking entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder. It’s not thought that the town of Annecy got off to a good start in the contest for 2018 so their presentation has some ground to make up on the claims of Munich and PyeongChang.

But the rules for their presentations are the same. Each team is setting up a presentation room in readiness for tomorrow’s live presentation. And that set-up should include demonstrations, models and physical layouts of each of the winter sports centres involved.

Bon chance.


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