It’s as if the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has rejuvenated Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Not content with being on the arm of Prince Charles, opening hospital wings and hosting literary lunches the Duchess has a new confidence in public speaking. So, the Duchess of Cornwall speech this week at the London Press Club Awards was noteworthy for its content and feeling. She expressed opinion and a viewpoint. Not dissimilar to the Duke of Cornwall.

Duchess of Cornwall speech
Duchess of Cornwall Speech At The Press Club In London

Wearing heavy glasses, she read from a prepared script and will undeniably become a more fluid reader and speaker. Because this part of her public speaking will come with more time and experience.

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She was forceful with her speech and put her words across with conviction as she held her speech in one hand and signaled with the other.

Her words on preserving the freedom of the press proved intriguing. Because she has been on the receiving end of press intrusion over the years; before her marriage to Prince Charles six years ago and ever since.

Duchess Of Cornwall Speech Targets Political Correctness

But it was her comment on political correctness that proved equally intriguing:

In our right to speak freely, please let us not become too politically correct…because surely political correctness is as severe a form of censorship as any.

Brave words from the Duchess.

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