When you need to find yourself a new job, you will know what a real challenge it is. And that challenge isn’t by-passed in this hard-hitting job search presentation by Jarkko Sjöman on Slideshare. His presentation takes a simple construction. Thus, it lists 19 ways you can sabotage your job search. It’s also, unsurprisingly the title, 19 Sure Ways To Sabotage Your Job Search. Very simple. Very neat.

Job search presentation
Job Search Presentation Brims With Advice On Slideshare

Without any real form of introduction his job search presentation dives straight into the list of 19. Then, in each slide he has a sub-text that puts the main assertion into context. The technique works well. But the text in question is a bit small to read easily. However, you wouldn’t find this an issue if you were in the audience listening to this.

Powerful Visuals Boost This Job Search Presentation

His presentation certainly benefits from some superb photographic images. These are very dramatic visuals and settings. Thus, they prove really powerful, serving as visual metaphors for the major points that Jarkko makes as he presents.

Superimposition, juxtaposition and simply bizarre are the order of the day with this job hunt presentation. But the sheer power of the visuals don’t manage to detract from the essential points made within Jarkko’s slide presentation. It’s hard hitting advice for any job hunter.

Finishing the presentation, Jarkko has some time for a very brief conclusion. Go for that job and be passionate about the job search. Really, we can’t fault that.

Job search presentation
How To Sabotage Your Job Search

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