Corporate Presentation Courses For Teams

Do you want all the members of your team to become more effective presenters? Perhaps for a new product launch at an exhibition? Or perhaps you want them to give a team presentation for a client pitch or some other new business opportunity. Corporate presentation training could be the answer you are looking for.

Whatever the case, you know that your team needs to present a unified front. Everyone in your team needs to give of their best when they have to give a presentation. That's individually or as a team.

corporate presentation training

Corporate Presentation Training

So, whether your team will give presentations individually or together in team-based presentations you will probably require some input to the training and its delivery.

The good news is that a corporate presentation course (bespoke training) achieves just that. You get to make an input so your team achieves the right results.


bespoke training course for your team

A corporate presentation training course gives you the opportunity to train all your team members.

Thus, you can achieve the same standard of presentation skills for everyone. So, this is your chance to build their shared understanding of how to give a good presentation.

Your input ensures that your team's training is focused on the most useful and relevant presentation techniques. So their presenting needs are all-important.

"Train All Your Team"

I understand the training was well received and the fact that you tailored it to the business made it very relevant for all.



presentation course choices

Onsite: You can organise onsite, bespoke training on your own premises, so you can make your training budget go even further. As an indicator we can train a team of six people at your offices with a budget of £700 plus VAT. All we need is a suitably sized room, and a whiteboard or flip-chart. We do the rest.

Offsite: We can arrange for off-site tailored presentation course at a business-oriented training centre in a city or easily accessible location. We will provide costs to you, given your choice of training centre and the numbers of trainees involved.


Checklist For Corporate Presentation Training

Includes: A one day beginner presentation training session with your own presentation skills trainer. No more than six participants on a public presentation skills course. A business-oriented training venue in a city centre or easily accessible location.

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    Up to ten training participants is manageable, but smaller group are more focused.
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    Full set of training materials and a qualified communications trainer.


objectives for each course

Each bespoke training course ensures your team members have the expertise and professionalism needed to:

  • Get their message across
  • Use visual and verbal stimuli
  • Perfect their presentation timing
  • Manage Qs & As


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