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Capturing the mood and flavour of Paris is a tough task with a presentation. And that task is made considerably tougher following the dreadful events in Paris at the weekend. But this Paris presentation works.

Paris presentation

Paris Presentation Promotes The City's True Identity After Bataclan

Subsequent political speeches have spoken of the popular mood in Paris, of collective resolution and national commitment. Of course, that's quite so. Because we wouldn't have it any other way.

Paris Presentation Makes Its Mark

Normally we'd take a look at those speeches. Dissect them. Discuss them. Then we'd pore over them for inference.

But not today. No, our ambition today is simply to reflect the beauty and magnificence of Paris. Because that's a beauty and magnificence that some would choose to destroy. It's a way of life that some want to reject in the most brutal fashion.

Therefore we highlight a superb pictorial representation of Paris this Autumn. Titled, Paris Fall 2015, it's a presentation by the respected photographer Peter Turnley.

There's no narrative. Because it's not needed. So, this series of black and white images captures everything that we could ever imagine about Paris and the Parisians. Stereotypes abound. Familiar landscapes, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine feature prominently.

Paris presentation

Paris Presentation Pictures A City Unbowed

But equally prominent is red wine, the bars, love and promenading. Paris in the Autumn. That's just about everything we can expect of Paris and the Parisians.

Black And White Imagery Proves A Success

His choice of black and white images adds something to the presentation. A sense of mood, perhaps. That's the beauty of black and white photography. There's something above and beyond the images themselves. We sense that this Paris presentation doesn't need to consult our own presentation design tips.

Because of the time and the place, and because of the events of the weekend this is s superb presentation.

"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre."

Pierre Bosquet

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