Each one of our presentation tips videos tackles a discrete presentation task or problem.

First, they aim to get you on your feet with the confidence you need for presentation success. So you get the most from each opportunity.

And second, they provide the essential skills you need to give presentations or speeches at a higher level.

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How To Handle Feedback After Your Presentation

You can always expect to receive feedback after a presentation. It just happens. But you might feel somewhat awkward about that feedback. After all, was it critical of you? It probably wasn't. But you can always improve as a presenter when you know how to handle feedback after your presentation. And, what's more, it's not even hard work.

How To Give Your Year End Speech

It's that time of year when you know that you've sorted the office party speech. But you also have a big speech to give to all staff. Or, perhaps to your management team. So, in this short video we look at the key features of the vital speech to help you give your year end speech.

How To Give An Impromptu Speech

There's always a time when you are amazed at the quality of an impromptu speech. So, did you know that there's a technique to get the same results? Yes, it's known as preparation. So in this video we look at some tips to help you give an impromptu speech.

How To Manage Interruptions In Your Speech

When you have to give a speech it's always a good idea to be prepared for an interruption. That's because your interruptions can come from a range of very unlikely sources. So, it's best to make sure that your prepare yourself beforehand with some best practice.

How To Prepare For Questions

You should always be prepared for questions from your audience. That's because it's a sign that they are really interested in your speech. So, here are some video tips to help you prepare for questions when you next give a speech.

How To Use Titles To Attract An Audience To Your Speech

Your choice of a title for your speech is really important. That's because you can use a title with value and benefit to attract your audience to your speech. So, here are 3 top tips to help you prepare your title to attract an audience.

Giving Your Conference Speech

So, it's the day of your big conference and are you ready for giving your speech? Of course, you are. And to help, here are 5 top tips to help you giving your conference speech.

How To Get Ready For Your Conference Speech

You have been asked to speak at a conference. But, before you get too flustered you should aim to maximise the time before your conference speech. So, here are 5 top tips to help you get ready for your conference speech.

Ten Questions To Ask Before Your Next Presentation

When you are asked to give a public presentation you should ask some questions. Ask some questions and get the answers, before you commit. So you can be a better presenter.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking can mean you avoid any public speaking opportunity. At another extreme such public speaking anxiety can be very debilitating. In this presentation tips video we take a look at some strategies you might use to overcome your fear of public speaking.

How To Use Multimedia in Your PowerPoint Presentations

Knowing how to use multimedia in your PowerPoint presentations is key when you are getting ready for your next presentation at work.

Your New Year Leadership Speech

With your Christmas party speech only a distant memory, here are some pointers for your New Year leadership speech.

Why You Should Use Pauses In Your Speech

Using pauses in your speeches is key to becoming an effective public speaker. Here we look at some of the reasons why you should use pauses in your speech.

Create ​A Black Slide For Your PowerPoint Presentations

When you want to pause your presentation at a certain point, there's a solution. This presentation tip video shows you how to plan ahead and place a black slide in your presentation. The black slide gives the impression that your projector is switched off. With the black slide working all your audience's attention will be on you.

Create ​A White Slide For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Another dynamic PowerPoint approach is the white slide. Just key, W on your keyboard when you are running a PowerPoint presentation. A white slide will appear. Hitting any key will then take you back to your slide. (Note: the B and W keys work in PowerPoint with English language keyboards!)

How To Give Your Office Party Speech

At this time of year it really does pay to be prepared. That's because you have to give your office party speech. So these ten top tips in the video should help you get prepared and then give your office party speech with style.

"PowerPoint makes us stupid."

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