Promoting your next presentation can be especially tricky. A good place to start is with a title. When you’ve chosen a good title for your presentation it should suggest value, benefit and significance for your audience. That’s a point that Dan Wandel might consider for his next power hour presentation. He’s promoting a presentation for tomorrow (17th February 2011) and it’s titled:

2010 Year-End Review of Beer Category and Craft Segment

Power hour presentation
Power Hour Presentation From The Brewers Association

Dan’s a beer expert working for the SymphonyIRI Group, a market measurement business. He knows the beer sector and he knows the craft beer segment. His presentation’s title is bearable. Of course, we know that he’s going to review the performance of both the sector and the craft beer segment in 2010. But that could still be a very broad approach.

His audience is drawn from the Brewers Association. And they attend this online, teleconference presentation series, PowerHour to develop their own knowledge about their craft. So, with such an audience you’d expect this presentation to slip down well…notwithstanding the title.

Dry Title Holds Back Frothy Power Hour Presentation

In fairness his promotional material does try to go deeper. It suggests that he will address these critical questions in his presentation:

  • What are the latest sales trends for the beer category through the end of 2010?
  • How did the craft segment perform in 2010?
  • Are there particular craft styles that stood out in 2010 from a sales perspective?
  • What were the hot new beer brands in 2010?

So, if you get beyond the slightly dry title, your thirst might be whetted by these questions and the prospects of answers. Good.

But let’s not overlook the value an audience will gain from your title and the presentation title effect you aim to achieve.

Because if it’s not clear what fresh insight or understanding your audience will have once you’re done presenting. Therefore, you might start off with an uninterested audience. That’s something you want to avoid. It’s not just froth, it’s the bitter fought taste of power hour presentation success.

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