Kaiser Chief’s PowerPoint Overload

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Aug 16
Daniel J. Rinkenberger

Daniel J. Rinkenberger Presentation at the Jefferies 6th Annual Global Industrial and A&D Conference

A PowerPoint presentation by Daniel J. Rinkenberger, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Kaiser Aluminum last week highlighted many of the issues that senior executives have with PowerPoint presentations.

His presentation was a mass of bullet points and small text descriptions most unlikely to be readable by his audience at the Jefferies 6th Annual Global Industrial and A&D Conference in New York–a prestigious event.

Doubtless he presented every single detail of financial reference so that the presentation could be read later by his audience. That’s a problem, because no one ever reads a PowerPoint presentation after the event.

The presentation contained an appendix at the end. That was a good touch for the question and answer session following the presentation. But, here again, the text on the slides was too small to read.

His visual imagery was to a good standard but the images could have been larger and used more extensively.

The theme of strategic direction was evident. But it could have been so much better presented with more use of visual imagery and fewer text slides.


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