Cameron Avoids FIFA 2018 Presentation Red Card

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Aug 18
David Cameron MP

The Prime Minister avoids a red card at the FIFA 2018 World Cup presentation

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has avoided an embarrassing red card from FIFA. He’s not able to attend key presentations next week in London when the FIFA 2018 World Cup inspection team comes to the UK.

It’s reported that David Cameron made a personal phone call to FIFA President, Sepp Blater, on Sunday night. In that phone call the Prime Minister made clear his total support for the England 2018 bid, but also explained that his family commitments in Cornwall mean that he can’t join the presenting team.

The FIFA inspection team, currently in Russia, visit London and possible World Cup sites in England next week.

Not to be totally out-flanked David Cameron has recorded a personal presentation to the FIFA inspection team ready for the presentations next week.

Having the Prime Minister’s support is one thing. Getting the 2018 World Cup fixture is quite another.


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