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By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Feb 13

If you are about to give a key presentation at an industry conference you could do a lot worse than reading a new blog post by Howard Avner. Howard is a co-founder of Phaxio, the cloud-based fax API designed for developers. His blog details his work involved to plan, prepare, practise and deliver his presentation at the Technori pitch in Chicago. A pitch to an audience of 500 fellow business people. Neat stuff. And very good presentation advice.

Presentation advice

presentation Advice From Phaxio’s Howard Avner

In his blog he details the trials and tribulations involved with his presentation to the Technori audience. Therefore, he offers hope to fellow business people looking to pitch with their own presentation.

Topical Presentation Advice

His blog includes some topical presentation advice about slides and slide construction. To start, he stresses the importance of visual images in preference to text. Because text is boring! Good sound presentation advice, there.

And he also notes the value of presentation practice if you want to be truly prepared. That’s good presentation advice that’s impossible to ignore. However, most of us overlook presentation practice when we run out of time.

But Howard also has one or two other tips for budding entrepreneurs wanting to give a similar presentation. Having a plan B if there’s a technology failure, or the internet is slow, is one such tip. Again, that’s tricky to disagree with. No argument there.

In his advice, he notes how time always flies in a presentation. Howard also notes the importance of being prepared for applause…or other surprises! That’s something that you can easily overlook when you practise with the clock running. What happens, for example, when your speech teleprompter disappears?

Howard’s presentation advice is perfect for any business presenter wanting to get the most from their next conference pitch.

You can also discover a series of tips for public speaking published by Time to Market. All these tips feature in our public speaking courses and coaching sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need details.

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