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There’s a time and a place for everything. And that’s the case with planning and preparing your next presentation. Because it’s a key task for any presenter. And it’s one that takes up time and patience. But this presentation software wizard can help you with both the mundane task and the design elements.

Presentation software wizard
Presentation Software Wizard Able2Extract PDF Converter

We usually recommend that you lay your hands on whatever presentation sources you possibly can:

  • files
  • pictures
  • graphs
  • illustrations
  • quotes
  • PowerPoint slides

Thus, as much material as possible to help you map out your presentation.

But once you really get going with this task you will probably find a formatting problem. That’s typically one of digital formats. Or rather, the material you find for your presentation is not in the right format. And each file that’s in the wrong format is either useless or takes an inestimable time to re-format. Tedious.

That’s a challenge that the team at Investintech has tackled with some success. Their new product, Able2Extract PDF Converter 8, takes the pain, hassle and anguish out of incompatible PDF file formats.

Presentation software wizard
Investintech Able2Extract PDF Converter

Presentation Software Wizard?

We wouldn’t normally call this presentation software. But it’s certainly software that will give your presentations a wizard of a boost.

PDF files are everywhere and are very popular for sharing information. That’s their good side. But on the flip side—most of us struggle to use their contents for Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentations!

And that’s where Able2Extract PDF Converter comes into its own. A simple to use Windows, Mac or Linux application, it gives you the means to convert PDF documents into a range of original or alternative formats.

We tested the Windows version by successfully converting a PDF document to its Word format original. Then we converted a PDF to its PowerPoint original without any loss of clarity or detail. We also converted the same file to an HTML format. That was easily done. A success.

So, faced with the problem of having good presentation material held in a PDF format you do have a solution. Simply converting such material to a presentation compatible format is simple and painless. It’s well worth a try.

You can try a variety of presentation tasks on a presentation skills course with Time to Market. You can join one of a schedule of courses at more than 40 training centres in the UK. Or, make your training budget go that much further with a corporate training course, at your offices or our training centre. It’s your choice.
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About the Author

The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Now based in London, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

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