World Best Presentation 2010

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jan 04

“Smoke: The Convenient Truth” is the title of the winning presentation in the 2010 competition to find the world best presentation. The presentation is a cracking visual masterpiece that highlights all the raw data of smoking. Mortality statistics, the contents of cigarettes and smoking rates worldwide. In fact its worldwide content is notably powerful. Where you might have expected a USA focus, or perhaps a focus on Europe, you actually get a lot more.

World best presentation

World Best Presentation Of 2010

There’s no death by PowerPoint here. The visuals are stunning as the narrative unfolds.

You can’t deny that causes such as a worldwide ban on smoking lend themselves to a good presentation. But I’d suggest that anyone with some medical knowledge has equally been bored rigid with dreadful, bullet point-based slide shows about tobacco-induced disease. There has to be a way of making some pretty grim scientific evidence both engaging and informative. Certainly, our review of the HIV presentation suggests that too much information can be a turn-off.

The choice of title is not inspiring, but it’s familiar to us because of its similarity with Al Gore’s climate change presentation. And there’s nothing wrong with borrowing and reinforcing a message with titles. That’s because titles work when they sell something to your audience:

  • Value
  • Significance
  • Benefit

That’s because your audience asks themselves, “what’s in it for me?” Your title will get them to see an immediate gain.

So, there’s no doubt that this was an excellent presentation that must have consumed a great deal of time and effort. A very worthy winner, indeed.

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