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A successful entrepreneurs presentation might appear to be common or garden at first glance. But this presentation on Slideshare by Steve Scott takes a different take on the familiar.

Successful entrepreneurs presentation

Successful entrepreneurs presentation

Firstly, this successful entrepreneurs presentation offers only 8 top tips for the well-being of an entrepreneur. And that's quite an insight. For anyone who has aspirations to be a successful entrepreneur.

So many business presentations take more familiar routes in advocating winning behaviour. However, Steve's advice focuses on well-being, wellness and life in the round. In all, that feels quite good. Plus, its's refreshingly different.

Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

I suspect that his advice could have stretched to more than 8 top tips, but that's only a thought.

Of course the presentation visuals work really well. They trend towards the classic stock photographs found in motivational posters at work. But hey, the visuals really help to reinforce the points made.

The text boxes are clear and concise which helps with this presentation that's primarily visual. The text itself is white out of coloured boxes or circles. It's in an attractive typeface and is highly legible at first glance and with some reading.

This is a well-prepared presentation that includes a call to action on the last slide of the deck. And here we get an insight into some of the other work of Steve...a link to receive a summary of the 77 good habits to live a better life. Of course. I did say that I thought the 8 top tips in this successful entrepreneurs presentation seemed few in number. We have an abbreviated list as a taster. That's entrepreneurship for you.

You can discover more presentation design and delivery tips when you join one of our regular series of presentation courses. Or, perhaps, you might choose to organise a corporate training event for all your team. It's your choice. So, when the time is right, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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