Sustainable Presentation Tips For The Boardroom

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Apr 24

Pitching any new initiative to senior management has to be a challenge. Your task is made more difficult by the perceived disconnect between you, the presenter, and your Boardroom audience. And that's often the case with a pretty standard investment case. But, with a renewables, green or sustainable business initiative the task can be that much harder again. So it's refreshing to see how the team at has arrived at some top tips for a sustainable presentation to top managers.

Sustainable presentation

Sustainable Presentation Tips For The Boardroom

Kit Oung, the Director for Energy Savings at Energy Efficien:ology has prepared a list of seven top tips to help you get the most from your next sustainable presentation.

Top Sustainable Presentation Tips (Kit Oung)

You can't argue with the fact that you need to pick the right time and place for your next sustainable presentation. Nor can you argue with the fact that you need to know your audience. And, when you aim to communicate in the right tone and manner, then that's a prerequisite for presentation success. Choose the right words and phrases and you have it just right for your next sustainable presentation in the boardroom.

You can not hope to bamboozle an audience with jargon. It is not going to work. And when you do so with a senior management audience it could end with your available presentation time cut short! That's not a result you really want.

Some excellent tips from

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