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By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Apr 29

Trial presentation services business Z-Axis has hired Trial Consultant, Scott Boulware, to work with their clients. Beyond the job title, Scott has one heck of a presentation job ahead of him. His new employer provides law firms with the trial presentation expertise needed to win cases in court. That’s seriously big cases for the uninitiated. And Scott’s new role?

Trial Presentation Expertise

Trial Presentation Expertise With Z Axis

There’s more than a clue in his background. Because it includes a stint as a professional actor. In addition, he has a previous record in presenting detailed cases in court. Plus, he has numerous family connections to international law firms. Al in, a good catch.

Trial Presentation Expertise For Law Clients

Of course, his role will take in researching and preparing presentation strategies for his law clients. So, it will embrace the graphical and production elements of numerous presentations and, of course, he will prepare the legal team for the presentation task itself.

That preparation will take in rehearsal and practice with the lawyers…essentially honing the arguments and perfecting their delivery. That’s some task when the stakes can be very large indeed. As indeed they are. Previous Z-Axis presentation clients include Oracle, Eolas and the Department of Justice itself. Quite some client list.

With such large stakes it’s no surprise then that Z-Axis trial presentations have a solid record, over 28 years or so, for being absorbing and interesting for everyone in court. And that’s the key objective for any presentation.

Build Your Presentation Expertise

Of course, you can always discover plenty of presentation tips with our series of tips, podcasts and videos for every occasion. And when you need some special focus, perhaps for a trial presentation, then you can always depend on presentation coaching. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.

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