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We’ve featured “the cloud” before in presentations given by numerous Microsoft luminaries. A Bob Muglia Microsoft speech and a Steve Ballmer keynote speech noted how “the cloud” would soon be the principal way in which businesses would acquire and use software. Ten years ago we knew it as “software as a service”. So the fact that the cloud has now engulfed SlideRocket presentation software as a business shouldn’t be that surprising.

SlideRocket Presentation Software
SlideRocket Presentation Software In The Clouds With ClearSlide

California-based VMware has bought SlideRocket to reinforce its suite of business application software. Their virtualisation software already provides the user link between data storage and operating servers. So, now, with SlideRocket presentation software they can deliver a fuller set of user applications…all delivered remotely. That’s neat.

SlideRocket Presentation Software Capability

Of course, SlideRocket’s presentation software capability is pretty strong. The team at PC World rated its performance in a set of tests and it’s a definite consideration for any business that want to know which presentation manager to use in place of PowerPoint. It’s fully featured and robust. If there was any concern made by the PC World team it was that the product might be over-featured. That’s, no doubt, something that the VMware team can tackle. Separate suites of presentation software, utilities and features might well be available for different user levels.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to all this cloud hyperbole.

Update 7 November 2013:

SlideRocket’s slide into the larger entity ClearSlide is almost complete. There are issues for existing users of the SlideRocket system. It certainly appears that the entry level presentation service will not survive the take-over. Expect to pay!

You can still download your presentations for safekeeping in the meantime. And, of course full details are on the SlideRocket web site. Quite how much functionality will be in those presentations is anyone’s guess.

You can read plenty of presentation tips with our regular series of posts, podcasts and presentation tips videos. And, when you really want to boost your own presentation skills you can always consider training or coaching. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.

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