Coats PowerPoint Presentation

Spinning A Yarn But Threadbare Content

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jun 03

Now there’s a time and place for many PowerPoint presentations. And then there are those PowerPoint presentations that really should never see the light of day. One of those that you really wouldn’t want to endure comes from a presentation team comprising Coats plc and Guinness Peat Group personnel. The Coats PowerPoint presentation. Coats plc has a tremendous pedigree with industrial yarns and fasteners for the apparel industry over a hundred years or so. Its parent is the investment holding company, Guinness Peat Group.

Coats PowerPoint Presentation

A Threadbare Coats PowerPoint Presentation Disappoints

Both businesses could well be described as exciting, innovative and adaptable.

Their PowerPoint presentation can’t.

Download (PDF, 785KB)

Tiresome Coats PowerPoint Presentation

It really has to be one of the most tiresome PowerPoint presentations one could ever have to endure.

There’s certainly some nod towards a corporate template. And it is only a nod.

There is no title. And anyone having the temerity to wade through the presentation is going to be none the wiser for its purpose or objectives.

There’s an attempt to use a heading font. But it’s a lower case style that lacks gravitas.

And then there are bullet lists. And more bullet lists. In fact all this presentation has going for it are bullet lists and bullet points.

You are left with no real idea what this presentation is all about. I have a sense it’s something to do with the re-structure of a company-owned pension fund; quite an important presentation for existing and future pension holders.

To judge by this presentation any interested stakeholders, beyond the Board, will be none the wiser after this presentation. It’s an example of how PowerPoint can be used so badly that it actually serves to obscure the whole point of the presentation. And that’s communication. A far better example of how to manage a corporate PowerPoint presentation is this RB results presentation.

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