Hacker Shows Bare Faced Cheek in Baltimore Presentation

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jun 27
Hacker accesses PowerPoint presentation in Baltimore

A hacker ensured that his former CEO presented a different set of bare figures in his presentation.

You’d be right to think that computer hacking, phishing and all other sorts of computer misuse were worthwhile subjects of discussion in a company’s boardroom.

But what happens when the Boardroom itself becomes the subject of a severe case of computer hacking? And what happens when the incident occurs as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is giving his presentation to the Board?

That was the predicament that faced the CEO of Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems Inc as he gave his presentation in the Boardroom. As his fellow Boardroom executives watched attentively, the CEO’s PowerPoint presentation switched from the humdrum PowerPoint bullet points to some bare figures. Really bare figures. So bare that they were very revealing indeed.

A former employee, disgruntled at being fired by the Company, used his extensive computer skills to hack into the company’s computer system. Then he installed some key logging software to catch various passwords from key individuals.

He was so successful that he managed to seize control of the CEO’s computer, in real time, as he gave a PowerPoint presentation to his colleagues. We can only speculate as to their startled reaction to the graphic images projected into the Boardroom on their 64 inch colour monitor. Doubtless the CEO couldn’t establish eye contact with his enthralled audience for a while as the presentation suddenly featured graphic, full colour figures instead of  tedious sales figures.

No doubt the luckless CEO has become the butt of many jokes.

And the perpetrator? Well, it had to end in tears for him. The Baltimore Judge gave him a two year suspended sentence, and ordered him to complete 100 hours of community service and three years’ probation. A stiff sentence for causing presentation mayhem in the Boardroom.

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