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When you have to share a PowerPoint presentation with colleagues or customers you have one or two choices. That’s of course, if you have prepared your slide presentation to a state where you really do want to share your work.

To share your PowerPoint presentation with others, you could:

  • Send them your file via email, ask them to open it and then discuss the contents on the phone or with Skype.
  • Share your file with an online tool such as SlideShare. Then discuss its contents via the phone, Skype or Messenger.
  • You could share your file with a webinar tool—combining both voice and visual presentation.
PowerPoint presentation
Share that PowerPoint Slide Presentation With Office 2010

Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation

So you have some options.

And if you are the proud licensee of a new copy of PowerPoint 2010 or Office 2010 you have another option up your sleeve.

You’ll need to have a Windows Live ID, but that’s it.

When you have finished your PowerPoint presentation you simply go to the Slide Show tab and select Broadband Slide Show. Select Start Broadcast, and…wait. The wait will depend on the size of your uploaded file and your data link. And, of course it’s ready to share.

The system gives you a unique web address for your uploaded PowerPoint presentation. You can share that with colleagues or customers. Your customers only need a web browser to access your slides that they can watch in full screen view.

It’s simple and effective. But you’ll still need to have a phone, Skype or Messenger link for a two-way discussion. It’s not webinar software.

Once your PowerPoint presentation is over, you effectively close the link and no-one can access the presentation. That’s a major difference with posting your presentation on something like SlideShare.

It’s neat. It’s cheap and it’s cheerful. And, given that there are some really good presentation software alternatives to PowerPoint now, this is good progress.

You can always discover plenty of other presentation tips with our regular series of effective presentation tips for presenters everywhere. And, when you really want to boost your presentation skills that bit further, then you can always consider some presentation training with and experienced trainer. So, when the time is right, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • PowerPoint, such a valuable tools that so few realize it’s potential. I am one of those who are not very Power Point literate, my daughter showed me a Power Point story she made in just a hour or so. If she can make an impressive book “presentation” at 11 years old we should be able to learn it.

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