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If it wasn’t for the water the matter of offshore drilling and hydraulic fracturing would be a pretty dry subject. For most of us. But for some of us they can be truly alarming—especially for those living around the Gulf of Mexico. And faced with that alarm and despondency, we have some PowerPoint presentation medicine for Congressman Doc Hastings.

PowerPoint presentation medicine
PowerPoint Presentation Medicine From Doc Hastings Doesn’t Heal The Soul

Because Republican Congressman Doc Hastings is pretty animated about the subject of energy extraction. His PowerPoint presentation is the modern equivalent of a legislator’s land grab. It’s certainly very dry.

His presentation to other Republicans argues that his committee—the House Natural Resources Committee–should be tasked with responsibilities for offshore drilling and hydraulic fracturing instead of the Energy and Commerce committee.

Download (PDF, 514KB)

Is that entirely clear?

PowerPoint Presentation Medicine Is Hard To Swallow

No. Of course it’s not. Because this needs PowerPoint presentation medicine. Since, it’s far from clear about his exact intentions.

In fact it has to count as one of the very worst PowerPoint presentations ever to be inflicted upon an audience…too many words and too few pictures. Yes, it certainly makes our death by PowerPoint rating.

It’s a pity because there are many who’d argue that regulatory oversight of offshore drilling and hydraulic fracturing should be a more pressing concern for all of us. But, sometimes the need for that PowerPoint presentation medicine can just be tough to swallow.

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