3 Minute thesis presentations appear to be all the rage right now. Only time will tell whether they are just a trend. But their take-up by graduate studies departments worldwide suggest they work. And this 3 minute thesis presentation winner proves the point.

Designed in Australia in 2008, the 3 minute thesis presentation gives Master's level graduate students the chance to present their thesis in a 3 minute presentation to a non-specialist audience. Typically with a bit more academic rigour than presentations such as this Atlantis presentation.

Certainly the evidence is that they work in their primary task. That's because the presenters in 3MT videos typically appear confident and in control. Undoubtedly they have nerves. But the presenters appear to hide them completely. Good stuff, indeed.

3 Minute Thesis Presentation Winner

3 Minute thesis presentation

Sydney Granger's Presentation At Texas State Graduate College

A case in point is Sydney Granger's presentation at Texas State Graduate College. It proved a very confident performance from a most competent student leading to her victory in the 2015 Texas competition this month.

Somewhere I suspect there must be some UK graduate studies departments running 3 minute thesis presentation competitions. If so, please don't hesitate to publicise!

Judges in these competitions are looking for the 3MT presenters to show off their communication skills, their comprehension of their subject and, of course, their ability to engage their audience. Critical stuff.

From the evidence, these one slide presentations do appear engaging. They are certainly fun and lively. I expect more colleges will get involved.

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