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By Andrew Ivey | Presenters

Jun 01

Bob Muglia, Microsoft

Bob Muglia Speaks at MMS 2010, Las Vegas


A script or no script? That is the question.

It’s a question that could have been asked by Microsoft’s Bob Muglia at the Microsoft Management Summit  2010 in Nevada.

With a script his presentation would have been tighter. His points would have flowed better and the structure of his presentation would have been neater for his audience. Without a script there were times when it felt that the President of the Server and Tools Business, was scratching for the next line.

The clues? Disjointed speech and jargon.

But he’s not unprepared. He’s built plenty of repetition into his speech He stresses the word, “more,” at each utterance and his pausing works…albeit there are times when he races away at speed. But the words just don’t flow as neatly as they could.

A script or no script? It’s a tough choice for any presenter, even for one accustomed to keynote presenting.

Use a script, but keep it life-like. Don’t use a script but pay attention to the actual words you use. And that’s the conundrum.


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