Presentation Bye Bye For Bill Nye The Science Guy

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Nov 18
Bill Nye Science Guy Presentation

Bill Nye the Science Guy faints during presentation at USC

It was nearly a case of bye, bye for Bill Nye the television presenter this week.  The presenter of the popular 1990’s television series was giving a presentation at the University of Southern California when he fainted mid-presentation.

He recovered after several seconds and continued speaking. His audience reported that the former presenter of Disney’s 100 episode “Bill Nye the Science Guy” slurred and stumbled with his speech after the fainting incident.

Bill was eventually helped from the podium. His subsequent news comment made clear that he was feeling better after some sleep, noting that perhaps the combination of an early morning and a late evening speaking engagement had proved too exhausting. Quite so. It’s clear that his speaking engagements did more than contribute to this particular episode.

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  • Brian H. says:

    Glad to see he is okay, but those symptoms sound similar to a stroke, don’t they?

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