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Sometimes you come across a presentation that suggests it might be informative, instructive and useful. That's the feeling with this CPG presentation (consumer packaged goods) from CB Insights on the Slideshare platform.

CPG presentation

Consumer Packaged Goods Presentation Takes Its Time

At first glance it suggests that it's going to shed some light on the world of consumer packaged goods, fast moving consumer goods, the products that we all buy every week.

Slideshare CPG Presentation

Well, that was the idea. But disappointment set in very quickly with the CB Insights presentation.

It started with the disappointment that the slide deck took a while to get going.

I don't want the first slide of the CB Insights presentation to be dedicated to its presenter. Nor do I want the second slide to be a text-heavy ramble about CB Insights. Nor did I want the third slide to discuss CB insight's happy customers.

You get the idea. This presentation took several slides to get going. With a business presentation, just like any other, the presenter has to hook the audience. From the start. This CPG presentation didn't do that.

Unfortunately the presentation didn't get into top gear after this less than auspicious start.

Points Of Interest Are Buried In CPG Presentation

Yes, there was some interesting material. But all too often it was buried in the text or buried in some very complex graphs. The example below shows not much happening over a five year period. Right...this could have been shown in another way. Is it a coincidence that the Kimberly-Clark presentation suffered from the same problem?

CPG presentation

No insight With This Data

Then there was the case of too much data on a slide. This example was one of many others in the slide presentation that suffered from over-complexity. Too much going on. Not enough insight. Of course, you can always discover how to avoid PowerPoint text overload, with one of our successful presentation tips.

CPG Presentation overload

Too Much Data Here

Our favourite bit?

Lots of CPG companies are being bought.

Presumably, lots of CPG companies are being sold as well!

In all, this was a presentation that we liked the look of at first glance. But it's disappointing in terms of its structure, content and complexity.

Now here at Time to Market we are fans of Slideshare. But what's going on with the "Likes" department at Slideshare when some 200 plus "Likes" can be recorded for this presentation "six minutes ago." Very odd. Some examples below...

CPG presentation likes

CPG presentation Likes

Maybe we need some more insights?

You can discover more insights into fresh presentation styles when you join a Time to Market presentation skills course. Either join a public course. Or, perhaps you could host your own on-site corporate presentation skills event. But, whatever your plans, please don't hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.


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