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Leading household essentials business Kimberly-Clark announced its Q2 2010 earnings on 23rd July. Using a live webcast conference call the management team outlined their results for the Quarter. A beautifully presented Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint presentation supported this investor relations show. Undoubtedly, it was a beautifully presented package. But its beauty stopped there. At the packaging. Because the Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint presentation was essentially yet another piece of corporate presentation-ware.

Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint presentation
Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint Presentation Disappoints

How come? Well, they used a standard corporate template, bullet lists and bullet dashes were everywhere. Yes, there were product pictures, but they never had the prominence that they deserved. Instead it was text that had the priority. Large text, small text and even smaller text. One slide, slide 23, contained some 125 words. And nothing else.

It’s indicative of a wider corporate presentation malaise. And so, it will take some curing.

Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint template is pretty bland. Yes, the headings are clear. The font and typeface appear clean and clinical. But they introduce variety to the visuals only by swapping the visual position from left to right during the presentation. Then, the pictures disappeared altogether. And the presenter had text only slides alone. That was the case until the summary slide. At this moment, a picture suddenly appeared.

This has to be really disappointing. Not least because the Kimberly-Clark product range appears to be quite photogenic. Good packaging, carton and boxes.

We came across some management-speak in the Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint presentation.

Confident that successful execution of Global Business Plan strategies will drive sustainable growth and shareholder value for many years to come.

We can only hope that this presentation style will change over time. It’s certainly an indifferent set of financial result and a very indifferent Kimberly-Clark PowerPoint presentation. And, of course, it’s also a contender for death by PowerPoint.

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